The performance class.

  • Modular connector with maximum packing density
  • Easy handling
  • > 10,000 mating cycles (contact technology)


Modular versatility in efficient manual mating solutions.

The simple, hybrid manual mating solution that anyone can assemble on site.

With the option of spindle or push-pull locking for rectangular connectors, the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line has a unique selling point on the market.

This economical plug connection system is a modular all-rounder, which can be configured for the smallest installation spaces – available in both plastic and metal housings.


  • Easy handling: clip-in assembly and removal of the modules in the frame without using tools
  • Plastic and metal housings with both spindle and lever locking
  • Coding functions on clip modules prevent incorrect mating
  • PUSH-LOCK housing with Push-Pull locking
  • Range of transmission types: signal, power, high current, HF signals (coax), compressed air, fluid coupling, data transmission and fiber optics
  • With max. 740 contacts, the most compact hybrid connector on the market (1 unit = 2.4 mm)
  • Separate PCB-termination modules for effective contacting in the termination area
  • Contact technology for at least 10,000 mating cycles
  • Crimp-clip contacts incredibly easy to remove, even when assembled
  • Cable assembly included

The modular system

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line - a simple explanation: Learn more about the modular system.


An ODU-MAC® modular plug connector acts as the interface between the mobile X-ray device and the monitor trolley. It...


The connection between individual applicators, e.g. for treating acne, and a laser is made by ODU-MAC® modules to...


This non-invasive instrument to stimulate the cortical neurons was developed to treat people suffering from Major...

Technical support robot

With the Colossus, Shark Robotics from France has created a robot for the technical support of human mankind: Thanks to...

Interview Bernhard Säckl
ODU-MAC® short film
Dive into the world of ODU´s modular rectangular connectors.
ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK receptacle assembly instruction
ODU-MAC® Blue-Line - a simple explanation: Learn more about the modular system.

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line Open Modular Connector System

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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

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ODU-MAC® Selection Guide

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ODU-MAC® Strain Relief Housing

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Housing Variety

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ODU-MAC® Blue-Line Overview

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ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source

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ODU-MAC® Blue-Line Assembly Instruction

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ODU-MAC® Blue-Line PUSH-LOCK Assembly Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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The ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK hybrid connector is now also available as a white housing variant in addition to the black one....

High voltage for your ODU-MAC® Blue-Line connector

The latest ODU-MAC® Blue-Line module ensures the transmission of high voltage within a Blue-Line connector. This...

New catalog: standard cables and accessories

ODU presents a large selection of standard cables and accessories in a new catalog. Both cables and accessories can be...

Trend markets in the medical area | Part 1: Sensor technology

More and more sensors are providing values and data for improved patient monitoring. The SPO2 sensor, which measures the...

ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK: Protection cover & cable assembly available

The handy ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK ensures reliable connections thanks to the simple push-pull locking mechanism. It also...

A simple explanation: The modular system of the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

New video of the product highlight

The product lines of the "Modular Attachable Connectors" - MAC for short - focus on...


Everything from one source: ODU offers a customized, complete system solution. This means that every ODU connector,...

High frequency: New ODU-MAC® 12 GHz coax module

The demand for high-frequency transmission media is increasing. A higher frequency range is particularly necessary in...

ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK – The handy hybrid connector for over 5,000 mating cycles

The company recently introduced a new addition to the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line product family: the ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK.

The ODU-MAC® PUSH-LOCK – a new development from ODU.

In conversation with Product Manager Markus Rochau.


Since it was founded over 75 years ago, ODU has really made a...

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line awarded as product of the year

The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line (Modular Attachable Connector) was awarded with the second prize of the Product of the Year 2019...


Twice as fast thanks to the half-shell principle

Following many new additions to the ODU-MAC® range of housings in...

A new power pack joins the ODU-MAC® module range

With high-current applications becoming ever more important for eMobility and their respective charging technology, as...

Have you tried our product-specific landing pages yet?

They provide you with a compact one-page summary of a product’s most important features. It’s the first place interested...


The ODU-MAC® comes to use where special requirements on the connectors are required. Such requirements can be, for...

ODU-MAC® ZERO wins 2018 German Design Award

The ODU-MAC® ZERO impressed the jury of the German Design Council and won the international premium prize, the 2018...

Modular diversity – Extended range of connector housings for the ODU-MAC®

ODU’s flagship product, the ODU-MAC® with its well-established spindle locking, is now also available in sizes 2 to 4,...

ODU-MAC and MINI-SNAP Connector systems for measurement and testing

Stuttgart/Mühldorf am Inn. The Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Stuttgart proved a small but exquisite event – both in...

Convincing connections

ODU to display the diverse range of its current product portfolio and varied customer-specific solutions at the...

ODU-MAC: unbeatably simple and flexible

ODU successfully completes the SPS IPC Drives 2016 at Nuremberg

Convincing connections

ODU successfully completes the electronica 2016 in Munich

Munich, November 11, 2016 – The ODU management is very...

Convincing connections

ODU presents its new ODU-MAC portfolio and an extensive range of solutions in hall B2, booth 143

Outstanding connections

ODU presents its new ODU-MAC portfolio and an extensive range of solutions – at SPS IPC Drives 2016, hall 10, booth 330

More space for power transmission

The ODU-MAC® in XXL housing provides high-density connectors more space

Bernhard Säckl takes over Product Management for ODU-MAC®

The highly modern connector system can be individually configured for a great many different applications


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