ODU-MAC® | ODU DOCK Silver-Line
Maximum failure protection, numerous transmission variants. The Silver-Line is designed for automatic docking. The seven different docking frames of the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line modular connectors and the ODU DOCK docking connectors are all characterized by a compact and sturdy design. Thanks to the ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology, the Silver-Line also offers excellent vibration resistance and is suitable for 100,000 mating cycles and more. The ODU-MAC® Silver-Line frames are a universal design. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of docking frames and adjust the length as needed. Then simply assemble these with the desired modules – our configurator makes this process easy. Thanks to its flexibility, high reliability and an optional quick-change head solution, this hybrid interface is a true all-rounder for automatic docking systems. The ODU DOCK Silver-Line meets all requirements for multi-couplings, tool change systems and docking systems. Among other things, these compact docking connectors are optionally available with housings equipped with EMC protection or quick-change head solutions. These solutions ensure not only minimal maintenance and thus time savings, but also an unlimited number of mating cycles. This compact docking system can also be configured for various transmission types for diverse applications, for example in a wide range of industrial sectors as well as measurement and testing technology – for the transmission of signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), media such as air or fluids, as well as data transmission or fiber optics.
ODU-MAC Silver-Line

Connectors for docking systems –
modular, fail-safe and vibration resistant.


Automatic docking –
for robots and industrial applications.

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