Circular connector with Push-Pull locking in a metal housing.


ODU MINI-SNAP® is an ideal self-securing circular connection for a multitude of application areas. Whether for transferring power, signals, data or even media – this circular connector in a robust metal housing offers great long-term quality, reliability and functionality.

The Push-Pull principle reliably ensures that the connection never releases until you want it to: once mated, the ODU MINI-SNAP® locks itself into the receptacle. It can no longer be separated by just pulling on the cable. The plug can, however, easily be de-mated from the receptacle when the outer sleeve is pulled back.

The ODU MINI-SNAP® is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. You can also choose from three basic codings.

Another option is a complete solution: ODU always has exactly the right cable assembly, whether as a standard version or customized to meet specific requirements. We develop and assemble these products right here in-house.

Pin and groove coding

ODU MINI-SNAP® circular connector with pin and groove coding.
Available for the L, K and B series.

ODU MINI-SNAP F Halbschalenkodierung
Half-shell coding

ODU MINI-SNAP® circular connector with coding using a half-shell.
Available for the F series.

ODU MINI-SNAP S geteilter Isolierkoerper
Coding using split insulators

ODU MINI-SNAP® circular connector with coding using insulators.
Available for the S series.

HermetischDicht 487x280
Hermetically sealed receptacles

ODU MINI-SNAP® - Circular connectors with hermetically sealed receptacles.
Available for the L series.