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ODU-MAC® | ODU DOCK Silver-Line

Maximum failure protection, numerous transmission variants.

The all-rounder for automatic docking: With seven different docking frames in individually configurable lengths, the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line is a universal solution. The robust rectangular hybrid interface impresses thanks to outstanding reliability and an optional quick-release head for minimal maintenance.

The ODU DOCK Silver-Line meets all requirements for multi-couplings, tool change systems and docking systems. The range includes housing solutions with optional EMC protection as well as quick-change head solutions for minimal maintenance and a vast number of mating cycles. 

This high-performance package also features high packing density and vibration resistance thanks to ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology. These solutions are reliable, robust and user-friendly – and can safely withstand over 100,000 mating cycles. 

These compact docking systems can also be configured with various transmission types for diverse applications, for example in a wide range of industrial sectors as well as measurement and testing technology – for the transmission of signals, power, high current, high voltage, coax, media such as air or fluids, as well as data rates or light waves.

ODU-MAC Silver-Line
ODU-MAC® Silver-Line

Automatic docking -
robust, fail-safe and vibration resistant.

ODU DOCK Silver-Line

Modular connectors
For automatic docking and robot systems