Mass Interconnect Solutions

Mass Interconnect Solutions

Mass Interconnect Solutions are used in measurement and test engineering to test printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronically assembled units. They take the form of an interface between the device/unit under test (D/UUT) and the test instruments.

The tester side features the system interface (receiver), which is connected to the interchangeable test adapter (ITA) on the side that is under test.

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line Mass Interconnect interface stands out from the crowd thanks not only to its excellent quality, but also its fantastic modularity and flexibility. Unlike the monoblocks so typical of the sector, ODU primarily relies on the modular ODU-MAC® Blue-Line connector system. This gives the user a choice of various modules designed for signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), compressed-air and fluid coupling, vacuums, fiber-optic cables, and data rates/high-speed data. PCB termination modules round off the range. The ODU Mass Interconnect Solution is available in two sizes with either three HU (height units) or five HU. We offer four types of termination technology for connecting the contacts: crimping, soldering, PCB/print, and wire wrap.

This individuality and flexibility enable solutions to be created for a huge variety of test requirements.

Mass Interconnect Solutions are used in measurement and test engineering for the automotive, medical, telecommunications, aerospace, military, and consumer goods industries, for example.

As a European manufacturer, we can offer impressive and reliable customer service, the option of cable assembly, global availability, and over 75 years of experience in the field of connectors.

ODU-MAC® Black-Line
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Mass Interconnect
For testing PCBs

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