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Functional testing of electronics using the ODU-MAC® Black-Line Mass Interconnect system

Mühldorf am Inn,

Join the ODU webinar on Thursday 18 March from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

With more and more electronics and controls in final products, there is an increasing need for effective functional testing of PCBAs (printed circuit board assemblies), critical sub-components or final products. Most test engineers who are looking for a test system to fulfil these tasks will appreciate high performance, fast delivery, easy configuration and competitive prices as important parameters.  

The new ODU-MAC® Black-Line connector system, based on proven ODU-MAC® Blue-Line technology, fulfils all the above parameters.

With the ODU-MAC® Black-Line receiver, you can easily replace, reconfigure or even add modules at any time according to your test requirement.

The Black-Line system gives you maximum flexibility as well as saves time and money. The innovative electromechanical locking mechanism ensures that the receiver and the ITA-frame are precisely and reliably connected, which results in a long and stable lifetime.

We are pleased to invite you to join the ODU-MAC® Black-Line webinar, which is for test engineers, production managers, and others with interest in advanced functional test systems.

The main topics will be presented in English by Product Manager Maximilian Baumann, and Application Manager Stephan Rottmeier from ODU GmbH & Co. KG.

ODU-MAC® Black-Line – the most flexible Mass Interconnect Solution

Webinar topics

  • Short introduction
  • Mass Interconnect – introduction to the topic and brief overview
  • ODU-MAC® Black-Line: presentation of the electromechanical version and product features:
    • 8 tensioning points prevent the frame distortion
    • Maximum flexibility with proven ODU-MAC® Blue-Line modules
    • Signal blocks for very high packing density
    • Tolerance protection thanks to 12 individual floating pins / docking frames
    • Optional RFID coding for adapter recognition and automation
    • Other ODU-MAC® Black-Line versions: 12-Flex TWO M
  • Accessories
  • Individual questions regarding products, applications, possibilities


Please note that the participants cannot see the names of the other participants during the webinar.

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You will be sent a dial-in link after.

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