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Trend markets in the medical area | Part 1: Sensor technology

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More and more sensors are providing values and data for improved patient monitoring. The SPO2 sensor, which measures the oxygen saturation in the blood, is well known here.

What requirements does the sensor system have for the connectors? Particularly in the operating room the connectors are repeatedly disconnected from the device connections, e.g. in order to clean them. They must therefore be robust, reliable and of high quality.
The ODU solution: Circular connectors with push-pull locking (ODU MINI-SNAP® or ODU MEDI-SNAP®) or break-away locking (ODU MINI-MED®) ensure constant data transmission when you want it. For hybrid connections that also transmit fiber optics or fluids, for example, many customers rely on a solution in the ODU-MAC® field.

See Push-Pull circular connectors

Hybrid Solutions with ODU-MAC®