News about ODU.


Mühldorf am Inn,

The ODU-MAC® comes to use where special requirements on the connectors are required. Such requirements can be, for example, a modular interface supplying a high degree of tightness and at the same time little space for the locking. To be able to offer always the suitable interface solution, we have an extremely wide selection of housings, among other things. Our new housing brochure provides an ideal overview of this.

The ODU quick-release fastener system is leading the way - the unique spindle locking offers a compact, ergonomic design for high precision that has been long proven on the market in the most varied fields of application. So does the compact ODU-MAC ZERO housing with Snap-In locking. This modern and efficient connector is the winner of the 2018 German Design Award. It offers modularity in compact dimensions with a high degree of reliability. Our wide range of docking frames continues to increase in importance in the area of automation. For this purpose, ODU has recently developed a protective housing for the termination area. In addition, ODU expanded its range of plastic housings with another locking option: the efficient transverse locking. ODU thus offers four different locking solutions ex stock, which enables us to respond quickly to all requirements. The highest degree of reliability, greatest flexibility and depth of innovation – find inspiration in our nearly unlimited range of housing at