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ODU-MAC® ZERO wins 2018 German Design Award

Mühldorf am Inn,

The ODU-MAC® ZERO impressed the jury of the German Design Council and won the international premium prize, the 2018 German Design Award. The novel modular hybrid connector out-excelled the competition in the product design category, thereby coming out the winner.

The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects and their manufacturers and designers, who are pioneers in the world of German and international design. ODU is truly thrilled to have been awarded this prestigious prize.

The ODU-MAC® ZERO – a modular all-rounder

The ODU-MAC® ZERO is a newcomer to the ODU-MAC® product group of hybrid connectors. It can be used in industrial applications, test and measurement and, thanks to its non-magnetic quality, in the medical technology field as well. When it comes to functional properties, the ODU-MAC® ZERO features a lightweight ergonomic design, high packing density, a variety of coding options and an innovative locking technology. It’s considered a true eye-catcher in the connector market – not least thanks to its compact housing design – and has already won over a wide audience.

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