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Customized overmoldings for small batch series

Mühldorf a. Inn,

ODU offers maximum flexibility, not to mention time and cost savings, with customized overmoldings

An innovation in the field of cable assembly based on cost-effective tool designs made of milled steel, customized overmoldings are now available for samples and small batch series too.

Rapid availability is one of the big draws here. Customer-specific small batch series of up to 2,500 units are not only available with incredibly short delivery times, but also at incredibly economical prices. These customized overmoldings are suitable for many connectors from the ODU product range that feature standard coding. Both straight and angled connector overmoldings can be manufactured for a defined maximum installation space. They are also available worldwide – according to an industrial standard of quality.

Why not let the expert in cable assemblies and customized connector solutions make your specific overmolding too?

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