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Brand new: ODU apprentices become ODU employees

Mühldorf am Inn,

ODU’s new, now fully qualified employees came together with their former instructors at the Trattoria Alfredo in Mühldorf to celebrate the successful completion of their traineeships and the beginning of their professional careers at ODU.

The company relies heavily on qualified employees and specialists. From now on, the following employees will now be able to prove their skills at ODU: Thomas Bleibtreu, Thomas Trost, Rebecca Trautner, Marcel Fink, Simon Köhler and Veronika Einwang. “I’m thrilled about the success of these young people who’ll also be supporting us in planning and reaching our goals now and in the future,” said shop chairman Andreas Hansmeier as he congratulated his young colleagues.

The surface coaters are electrochemistry specialists who see to it that the connectors receive the right coating and surface finish. The technical product designers develop new connecters, and the process mechanics ensure smooth production processes for the many plastic connector component parts. “We’re well aware that we’re a specialized company and we’re constantly looking for just the right motivated apprentices and employees,” explains training manager Anna Edmaier. So far, ODU has always had a lucky hand in their choice of staff. “It’s mutual,” says Edmaier, “we have a great deal to offer to our staff.”

Again for next year, the leading connector system manufacturer from Mühldorf is looking for motivated young apprentices and employees who would like to make a start with ODU. For application information and more detailed information on the various apprenticeships and vocations on offer, go to or