Uncompromising quality for every deployment situation.

Military and security

Whether extreme environmental factors or strong mechanical stress: working properly even under the most difficult conditions is a basic requirement for all connection technology used in military applications.

ODU connections ensure a fast information flow with no malfunctions or interruptions in communication systems. With robust and reliable high-tech products, ODU provides connections in places where the highest security level is the standard.


NYXUS BIRD handheld Thermal Imager for Target Acquisition

The NYXUS BIRD multifunctional thermal imager is dedicated for observation, reconnaissance and target location at day...

LED weapon light – reliable solution for darkness

The unique construction and the dual LED output of infrared and visible bright light provide a wide range of advantages...


The FSR (Future Soldier Radio) is a compact "dual band radio" for use in military and security tecnology.

Submarine technology

Sonar units are used on submarines for location purposes. The interface between the sonar unit inside the submarine and...


ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector (chinese)

ODU MINI-SNAP L,K,B Push-Pull Circular Connector Series L,K,B (chinese)

ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source (english)

ODU High-Speed Connections Data Technology (english)

ODU High-Speed Steckverbindungen Datentechnik (german)

ODU Kabelkonfektionierung Komplettsysteme aus einer Hand (german)

Разъёмы ODU для БПЛА (01) (russian)

Разъёмы ODU для БПЛА (02) (russian)

ODU Push-Pull Rundsteckverbinder Übersicht (german)

ODU Push-Pull Circular Connectors Overview (english)

ODU MINI-SNAP F Circular Connector Series F (english)

ODU AMC High-Density Übersicht (german)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector Übersicht (deutsch)

ODU AMC High-Density Overview (english)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector Overview (english)

ODU ワンタッチプッシュプル丸型コネクタ一覧 フライヤー版 (japanese)

ODU AMC High-Density Advanced Military Connector (english)

ODU-MAC Strain Relief Housing (english)

ODU-MAC Docking Gehäuse (german)

ODU MINI-SNAP L,K,B Rundsteckverbinder Serie L,K,B (german)

ODU MINI -SNAP L,K,B Circular Connector Series L,K,B (english)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector (english)

ODU MINI-SNAP ミニスナップ L/K/Bシリーズ (japanese)

ODU AMC 高信頼性軍事用コネクタ (japanisch)

ODU AMC 高密度タイプ (japanese)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line Übersicht (german)

ODU-MAC Silver-Line White-Line Übersicht (german)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line Overview (english)

ODU-MAC Silver-Line White-Lineモジュール式コネクタシステム 製品概要 (japanese)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line モジュール式コネクタシステム 製品概要(japanese)