High quality interfaces for absolute precision.

Measurement and testing

In measurement and testing technology, precision is everything. For reliable tests and conclusive results, high quality measuring devices and procedures are needed – along with powerful connections in order to guarantee the precise transfer of measurement data at all times. The requirements for the interfaces between the test piece, measuring device and evaluation unit are enormously high. And this is exactly the reason that well-known manufacturers consistently choose ODU. As a specialist for highly demanding contacts, ODU has been successfully connecting interfaces in measurement and testing technology for many years.


Testing injection valves

The test cables are manually connected to the test item, then the workpiece is placed on the line and passes through the...

Measuring technology for road test and test rig

Push-pull plug connectors ODU MINI-SNAP series F are used on compact, watertight, robust CAN-Bus mini-modules to measure...

Distance measurement technology

This application for capacitive sensor technology was developed to measure positions in exposure lenses of the...

Temperature cabinet

Pressure meters are calibrated in the temperature cabinet. The test items are on rails. Each rail is contacted with...


ODU MINI-SNAP PC Rundsteckverbinder aus Kunststoff (german)

ODU MINI-SNAP PC Circular Connector made of plastic (english)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector (chinese)

ODU MEDI-SNAP Circular Connector made of plastic or metall (chinese)

ODU MINI-SNAP PC Circular Connector made of plastic (chinese)

ODU MINI-SNAP L,K,B Push-Pull Circular Connector Series L,K,B (chinese)

ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source (english)

ODU High-Speed Connections Data Technology (english)

ODU High-Speed Steckverbindungen Datentechnik (german)

ODU Kabelkonfektionierung Komplettsysteme aus einer Hand (german)

ODU Push-Pull Rundsteckverbinder Übersicht (german)

ODU Push-Pull Circular Connectors Overview (english)

ODU Einzelkontakte (german)

ODU MINI-SNAP F Rundsteckverbinder Serie F (german)

ODU MEDI-SNAP Rundsteckverbinder aus Kunststoff oder Metall (german)

ODU Single Contacts (english)

ODU MINI-SNAP F Circular Connector Series F (english)

ODU MEDI-SNAP Circular Connector made of plastic or metal (english)

ODU AMC High-Density Übersicht (german)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector Übersicht (deutsch)

ODU AMC High-Density Overview (english)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector Overview (english)

ODU ワンタッチプッシュプル丸型コネクタ一覧 フライヤー版 (japanese)

ODU-MAC Strain Relief Housing (english)

ODU-MAC Docking Gehäuse (german)

ODU MINI-MED (小型オーバーモールディングコネクタ)(japanese)

ODU MINI-MED Overmolded Assembled Plastic Connector (english)

ODU MINI-MED Umspritzter Konfektionierter Kunststoffsteckverbinder (german)

ODU MINI-SNAP L,K,B Rundsteckverbinder Serie L,K,B (german)

ODU MINI -SNAP L,K,B Circular Connector Series L,K,B (english)

ODU AMC Advanced Military Connector (english)

ODU MINI-SNAP ミニスナップ L/K/Bシリーズ (japanese)

ODU AMC 高信頼性軍事用コネクタ (japanisch)

ODU-MAC Silver-Line, White-Line Offenes Modulares Steckver- bindungssystem (german)

ODU-MAC ZERO Manual Mating (chinese)

ODU MINI-SNAP PC (プッシュプルロッキング付 小型丸型コネクタ 樹脂ハウジング) (japanese)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line Übersicht (german)

ODU-MAC Silver-Line White-Line Übersicht (german)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line Overview (english)

ODU-MAC Silver-Line White-Lineモジュール式コネクタシステム 製品概要 (japanese)

ODU-MAC Blue-Line モジュール式コネクタシステム 製品概要(japanese)

ODU-MAC ZERO Manuelles Stecken (german)

ODU-MAC ZERO Manual Mating (english)